Uterine Fibroid Symptoms

Uterine fibroid symptoms can vary widely depending on number, location, and size of fibroids in the affected individual. Some women are completely asymptomatic while others experience heavy menstrual bleeding, chronic pelvic discomfort, and fertility challenges.¹⁻⁴

Heavy or Prolonged Periods

•  Heavy menstrual bleeding

•  Lengthy periods - longer than 6 days

•  Bleeding between periods

•  Frequent periods - more often than every 24 days

•  Irregular / unpredictable periods

Pelvic Pain

•  Acute pelvic pain

•  Chronic pelvic pain, not related to your cycle

•  Backache or leg pain

•  Pain or discomfort during intercourse

•  Pain when using the bathroom

Weight Gain

•  Unexplained weight gain

•  Enlarged uterus

•  Weight gain around the pelvis

•  Bloating

Menstrual Pain

•  Painful periods

•  Pain occurring mid-cycle during ovulation,

   around 10 days after the end of your period

•  Pain after menstrual bleeding

Pelvic Pressure

•  Pressure on the bladder or inside your abdomen

•  Feeling bloated

•  Frequent urination or urinary incontinence

•  Difficulty urinating

•  Constipation

Pregnancy Challenges

•  Infertility

•  Miscarriage

•  Pain or abnormal weight gain during pregnancy

•  Obstetric (childbirth) complications


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The Fibroid Specialists of University Vascular are leading providers of uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), the least invasive treatment option for women suffering from uterine fibroids. Our physicians have devoted their expertise to helping women overcome fibroids without hysterectomy or major surgery. 

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